The Texas Hawking Association is a conservation-oriented organization that encourages the wise use of raptors in the sport of falconry. Formed in 1970, the Texas Hawking Association has served as an important communication forum for falconers in the great state of Texas.

THA worked closely with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to establish the falconry permit program for Texas and continues to work with the TPWD on an as-needed basis. The Texas Hawking Association is affiliated with the North American Falconers Association (NAFA) which serves falconers on a national and international level.

While THA membership is open to any person interested in raptors, most of the Association's members are dedicated falconers interested in improving the quality of the sport and their own falconry experiences.

The Purpose of the Texas Hawking Association is to;

Encourage and promote the wise conservation of raptors and assure that those participating in falconry conduct themselves legally and in accordance with traditionally high ethical standards of the art; Extend to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department cooperation, assistance and recommendations for effective establishment of programs affecting raptors and falconry in Texas; Provide communication and information to licensed falconers, Association members, and interested persons.