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The Texas Hawking Association is one of the largest and most dynamic falconry organizations in the U.S., with an active membership of over two hundred and fifty individuals. THA members are located throughout the United States and in parts of Canada and Great Britain. The association hosts a number of meets and events each year which gives members a chance to come together and go hawking, or just relax and enjoy each other's company.

If you are new to falconry, then joining THA is the first step on the long journey to becoming a falconer. Through THA, you can arrange with the Apprentice Coordinator to contact falconers in your area who may be willing to sponsor you. Additionally, the contacts and friends you make in THA will help you accumulate the knowledge and equipment you will need to practice the art of falconry. Finally, your membership to THA entitles you to the quarterly publication, "On The Wing", and full access to the THA Member Section of the web site which contains additional THA and general falconry-related information.

Texas Hawking Association Membership is open to anyone interested in falconry and birds of prey.

Each year, THA publishes its quarterly magazine, "On The Wing". This publication serves as a clearing house for THA news and information, as well as providing updates from other falconry organizations such as the North American Falconers Association and the American Falconry Conservancy. Each issue is filled with useful information pertaining to training and hunting techniques, equipment and furniture how-to's, and articles contributed by falconers that range from humorous to informative.